Tally - ridden pics! Is it just me or.....???



Is it just me or is my horsey looking better already? It's not even been a full week yet!!

Enjoying some nice grass....


Woo-Hoo!!! PLease ignore my rubbish positon!! Ive got some private lessons booked!! Lol!!






Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
You look fine to me! And she looks so CLEAN - clearly you are tending her very well.... ;)

What lovely photos... you both look like you are having a ball..... she is still an absolute poppet. How lovely for you, I'm delighted :)


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Apr 20, 2007
Milton Keynes, Bucks
She looks very different in the grass piks to ridden.....to begin with i wondered if it was a different horse!

You do what i do when i ride......look at your pony, who can blame you shes lovely!!!


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Oct 21, 2002
Shes looking fab, you two look really happy together ridden wise. Lovely to see! Well done and heres to many more happy ridden photos!


thanks guys:) She was wet in the 1st pics, thats probably why she looked darker:eek: Hee hee! You're right, I look at th horse when riding - more so when I know someone is taking pics cos I hate haveing my piccy taken and avoid looking to the front!:p

Pink's lady

She's lovely:D I love nicely marked coloured cobs:D

And very definintly NOT thin! :eek: ;)


thanks:) Would you say she is a lightweight type cob?

pinks lady - I dont know why but in pics she looks rounder, lol! If you look at the pic of me standing with her, and her head is down, you can see her hip sticking out. She has big hollows there too. I know she isnt 'thin' but I still think she needs to put on some condition.You can really feel her ribs, there is no covering, not even a light one on them - and also her spine. Maybe its just muscle tone she's lacking?
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Pink's lady

She's a nice lightweight cob - solid but not a huge amount of bone. SHe will become a MW if she's allowed to get fat though;) Her hips looks pretty normal right now - they are meant to show. Her bums nice and rounded and she's not ribby. Just lots of work will get some muscle on her, which is sounds like you've started, which is great:D
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