Tally - my lesson tonight - update after our rubbish week!



Ri came today and spent time with me working on the ground as well as ridden. She reckons that maybe ive been getting a bit het up when Im dealing with Tally's behaviour and being a bit too 'strong' - inadvertantly and scaring her:eek: I was kind of worried this may be the case, as ive noticed myself getting wound up and paniky if im feelng underconfident. She also thinks i was too 'challenging' when trying to do join up when i couldnt catch her and have scared her off. :eek:

Anyway, she showed me a some really good massage techniques for bonding with her and she loves it!... i really enjoyed this too as T looked really happy. and what body language to use:)

Ridden wise Tally was really good - i was rubbish! I have a real problem in that i havent realised im not riding with my legs on, then when i do use leg it tends to be heel and tally goes "yeee-hah! ok mum!" I physically found it so hard, nearly impossible to put my leg further back and try to wrap it round her - have to work on that!! RI noticed that when I go to stroke or pat her neck when im riding she tenses up straight away as if anticipating a smack! :( then she relaxes, poor girl.

She was such a good girl:D

Sam (aka SLW)

I am so pleased for you:D
The good thing now though as you know a couple of faults so the only way is up as you work on improving them.
Well done you:D


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Jul 14, 2006
Montrose, Scotland
Sounds like you had a good lesson. Its great you get help with her on the ground too. Who is your RI? Pm if you like (or not cos Im just nosy:rolleyes:) :)


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Oct 19, 2007
Glad you had a good lesson!

Don't worry about your legs - I'm sure it will improve with with practice and once you get used to her shape!

It's good that you've got and RI who doesn't only help you with ridden work!

Good to hear that things are going in the right direction!:)
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