tally is for sale


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Aug 28, 2004
:( have decided that it is time to sell tally as i do not want her sitting in a field doing nothing when she can be backed & out having fun:(
sooooo now looking for a 5* home for my much loved girl:( :(

Daffy Dilly

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Dec 5, 2004
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Sorry don't know the circumstances, but why aren't you backing her/having her backed?

She wont know she's old enough to be ridden, and if you love the girl and there's no reason apart from that to sell her, then let her stay happy in the field a while longer.

I haven't ridden Daffy for three weeks, but he doesn't care, much rather be stuffing his face in the field. :rolleyes:


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Aug 28, 2004
she is really too small for me to back myself,she is really needing work done on her now & i really dont have the grazing for her to be happy on,she is out with just my other pony & comes in at night which doesnt suit her at all.
i would rather sell her now & do whats best for both of us than keep her & make it harder:(
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