Tally has gone :( - news update



well today was the big day. I had such mixed feelings - but by the time it came to catching her and getting her ready to go I was in bits :( Then she picked up on my emotions and in true Tally-style made things very difficult for me in the stable and I got really nervous around her. By the time she was loaded any tears I had had dried and I was relieved.

SHe has gone to a fabulous home - only 20 mins away and I have already had a text from her new mum to say she travelled well and is quite happy in her new field pigging out on a round bale:D ive been promised lots of pics and updates as well.

Roxy has settled fine by herself in the field which is relief.

There has been a problem with transport for the 'mare' that I am getting on trial/loan. To be honest it is working out for the best as I think I need a few days to get over today. It wouldnt be fair on a new horse to have me in this frame of mind, cos im feeling pretty low. A few days of pampering little asbo should sort me out and I have to mentally psyc myself up for emotionally starting again with a new horse. I feel like I have said goodbye to a friend/part of the family, or that a relationship has ended. I need a few 'sleeps' before Il be ready to bare open my heart again :rolleyes: As much as she was difficult for me - I loved my Tally horse.


At least you made sure she went to a good home.

That post shows how much you cared, and still care, for her.

Jenny and Tyler


Odin Is Worth The Wait
Dec 20, 2003
I know exactly how you feel! When Rockefella went I was disraught! But i was glad Skyla was there as I couldn't have faced looking at his empty stable due to our two being in at night! To be honest the first couple of days to a week I treated her like a horse that I was looking after but since then she's really turned into my girl!!

All the best for the new one! And I totally know how you feel, trust me it does get easier with time :)


thank you for the support. To be honest i think i woud have been a bit overwhelmed if a new horse had arrived today as well.:rolleyes:

ETA - ive got Roxy to help me too :)
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Odin Is Worth The Wait
Dec 20, 2003
its alot to cope with.... ALOT!

Sure when the new girl comes you'll be nice and chilled and more excited :D
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