Tally arrives home! Whooopppiee!! **pics**



Hey guys,

Well after a very fraught day, Tally arrived home!! She was supposed to arrive at 8.30am, but the lorry broke down and I had to pace up and down until 4pm before she arrived!!!!!! The vet was happy with her, he reckons she is 6, and described her condtion as 'fair'. On his advice we have a week long/5 day wormer and have to do a count in 2 weeks time. She is getting hayledge, conditioning cubes,alfa-a,sugar beet& a handful of pony nuts.... am building it up slowly, but it is all being guided by the vet. For anyone who didnt see my other thread she has come over from ireland and is needing some TLC, vet agrees its all superficial though.

When she finally arrived I cannot describe my feelings! I actually bubbled when the ramp came down and I saw her. She was sooo good, bless her. Straight into the stable and tucked into a haynet:D I cleaned up all her cuts etc, could have bathed her in hibiscrub the amount of scabs and cuts she has, bless her. Popped on her nice new headcollar:D Did some trying on of bridles etc and she was an angel. Also treid on her new turnout rug.

I cant describe how happy I am, I feel on cloud 9!! Everyone at my yard says that although I was excited and happy when Danny arrived, I am totally different this time with Tally - more confident straight off for one.:D

She didnt have a name, so I named her Tally - Lucky Talisman, cos I always dreamed of having a horse called that when I was little:eek:




forgot to add a couple of pics -

trying on bridles, think the bit maybe a bit high here?

meeting the neighbours!
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Oct 21, 2002
she looks like a little sweetheart!

Such a shame the lorry broke down bet you were beside yourself waiting for her to arrive.

Love the name Tally

Keep us updated x


Hi guys,

thanks so much for all your nice comments.

Oh, am I sooo in luurve!!!!!!!!!! I spent the morning giving her a bath and she was an angel. She walked into the wash bay with no hesitation and was no fazed atall by the scooshy hose! She seemed to really love the attention and was closing hre eyes as I massaged the shampoo into her neck:eek: I just feel I have so much confidence with her! Im glad I didnt get anything bigger as working with her in the stable she feels just right:) I turned her out for the first time after her bath as it is a lovely warm sunny day.

Have to say Im really enjoying having a stable... my plan was always for her to live out, but to stable her initially until I get some condition on her. Am enjoying having the stable a bot too much though:D

CAnt ride til later this week as my saddle hasnt arrived yet. This is the treeless dressage one I ordered for Danny!! At least its treeless and will be ok for her as she will change shape as well.

I think I might take her for a walky this afternoon:D
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