Tór being introduced to the cart.


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Apr 16, 2000
Is he going to be driven in open bridle.
Yes, Tór has to see what's going on, If he can see something, and look at it, his little brain clicks along and he's happy. The Icelandics all seem to go well in an open bridle, Their brains are wired to cope it seems. I have been riding him out with @Gimp and Posy in the cart. He has pottered along side Posy with the shafts of her cart rubbing on my leg and been totally chilled. Introducing the tyre, once he could look at it and see it he was perfectly happy. My old Haflinger though, he would never go in an open bridle.


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Apr 16, 2000
Is it me or has he grown?!

Looks like he took it all in his stride :D
Everyone thinks he's grown again. No it's not just you. :D His breeder thinks so too, she said "Flippi babies" (Flippi is his dad) don;t stop growing until they are 7 . I already have fish boxes at cattle grids to get on with!
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