Symmetrical hand sized lumps on belly


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Mar 1, 2005
Our horses have been coming in during the hot sunny weather the past couple of days.

Yesterday my horse had been in for about 6 hours with hay and water in a cool stable. I noticed he was moving a little strange in the stable so I walked him out and he was very lame. Couldnt work out where he was lame though. In the stable I spotted he had 2 hand sized lumps either side of his belly symmetrical to each other about 4 inches behind his girth. He showed no reaction when I poked and prodded them. His sheath also felt quite swollen and hard.

Hi lameness at first appeared to be his hind legs which made me think maybe his sheath was swollen and sore but then it seemed to move to his front legs. But after walking him around a little bit the lameness went off.

He was fine and sound when brought into the stable in the morning.

He's never stiffened up before when kept in his stable for the day.

Does anyone know what the lumps may have been on his stomach? Being exactly the same size and location either side of his stomach I dont believe they were fly bites.

Any suggestions?...
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