sweetitch & a complication - advice sw experts please !!


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Aug 9, 2006
my mare has sweetitch which we have sucessfully dealt with for years with the use of a rambo sweetitch hoody.

she is now in her mid 20's, her back has dipped over the last few years and her withers are very prominent. this year she has got a sore on her withers from her sweetitch rug.

the rug fits correctly and she wears a bossy bib under it. rug is removed/repositioned daily and off overnight when she is stabled and i cover her in avon sss.

i need to find a sweetitch rug without a neck line - like the weatherbeta turnouts with the long neck that have no seam from head to tail (trying to explain but appear to be failing miserably:eek:) as im sure its the neck seam pulling down at the front of her withers thats causing the problem.

any ideas anyone ? im stuck!!! :confused::confused:

failing that what rugs does eveyone use so i can go and check them all for neck lines:p:p:p

p.s tried sewing sheepskin in - doesnt work - appears to be more of a pressure sore than a rub so need something to stop the pressure over her withers.


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Jul 18, 2005
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Could you get a larger size rug? Silvers is too small, and although doesnt rub it tends to pull most over withers and shoulders.

Just gives a little more room for moving. or perhaps try an extra clip on the front clips to expand front mildly to allow more room for withers?

I have also bought a new one which I use in the stable - the fit was a bit suspect - it is bizarrly deep for a 5" - but adjusted neck (easily) and now just fasten both sides together instead of using tummy flap as surcingles reach each other! It is surviging well to rubbing - no damage other than fluffing where I forget the velcro and it sticks to rug :rolleyes:. She likes it as it is much lighter and more breathable compared to her rambo. Its much more like a normal fly rug but small mesh - I was worried she would be bitten through it - but several weeks down the line, still unbitten :D


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Jul 16, 2003
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they all have a seam where the neck starts... can't think of one that doesn't. maybe a snuggy hood one? or,if you're crafty with a sewing machine, could you alter the rambo?
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