Sweet itch Rambo Hoody no longer doing the job


Grumpy old nag
Aug 5, 2009
Wrapping Dolly up in her Rambo SI Hoody - plastering the appropriate areas with lotions and potions seemed to keep it all pretty much under control., until this spring

By far her most itchy areas are her belly mid line and back towards her udders, unfortunately the Rambo doesn't cover those areas very well at all. I have tried using a belly wrap over and under her Rambo to protect most of her belly, but unfortunately these are pretty useless and just roll up into a little bunch around her belly if she rolls or has a flick at herself.

I have been looking at the Snuggy Hoods bug body rug and think if I got one and their udder cover it will probably do the trick...BUT they are VERY expensive and I would need 2 as there is nothing worse than a smelly dirty rug to attract the midges. Has anyone tried them, are they reasonably robust (all fields are electric fenced so nowhere to rub herself other than the ground or on one of the long suffering donkeys?) I cant really justify spending 300 sterling on something that won't be any better than we have now. :rolleyes:


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Apr 24, 2011
what about one of these ??


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Jul 18, 2005
North west
The snuffy hoods ones are good, that's what we used to use. I would buy extra udder covers though - when madam weed it went on the cover and it stank it was disgusting!

However they are no where near as robust as the snuffy hoods - they rip quite readily. I don't know if you can sew but I would consider seeing Velcro to the Rambo and using the udder cover on it


Grumpy old nag
Aug 5, 2009
I cant sew too well but I know someone who can ;)...but the issue is also that the flaps on the side of the Rambo just don't cover her belly at all. I did think I would need spare udder covers......and the fields I use in the summer are all completely electric fenced as I said, so wonder if they would be last Ok because of that? TBh I wouldn't expect them to last as long as a Rambo as the Rambo material is very tough.....but it doesn't matter if it lasts 5 years if it isn't doing the job covering the bits that are worse on her now? :( perhaps I will try and get a snuggy Hoods one second hand and test drive it that way without shelling out so much money.
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