Summat in the Air???


Black Beastie

Well Today both my guys had a bee in their bonnets!!!

Weathers been rotten but today it was dry in the AM so trotted off to S's to go for a hack but after seeing dezi going ballisitc in the field after not being out for the late 6 days S wasnt for getting on him (see vid :redface:) I wouldnt have either TBh after watching him!!!

E's leg is looking amazing, the bow is very small now and shes come 100% sound!!! We found that out today as she was trotting about the yard after Dezi was spooking at stuff in the field :rolleyes: Ive got some of it on Vid, the cars are placed strategically so as NOT to give her a long line to run in.

Hows she looking?? I think better IMO :inlove:




K was just hilarious today, Ill let the vid tell the story but he went out looking like this......




And came in looking like this :angel:




When the vids uploaded you'll see how we came to that arrangement :wink: But here a preview.....





:biggrin: :giggle:

Black Beastie

levitating horse! love it:bounce: I particularly love the 3rd from bottom - is he on wires suspended by a helicopter?? He should go into panto:giggle: I wouldn't choose to ride him that day either!

LOL hes was 20 going on 2 today!!! We have three mins of funny footage which I will post tomorrow when i have uploaded it :D

He was having a ball :D
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