Such a good ride! Thrilled


Trying to escape reality
Apr 26, 2005
Alberta, Canada
Aha, I'm SO proud of Limerick and myself, I'm floating on air today.
I decided today would be the day I rode outside (nearly 4 weeks after that major freak accident which resulted in us running through two fences). The weather was perfect, the arena was soft (need to plan your landing you know! :p) and I told myself to stop being such a baby-the two trainers had been working with him 1-2x a week strictly outside, and after the first 2 weeks there was no longer any issues.

Despite telling myself repeatedly that I'd be fine, I felt like throwing up. I kept on seeing the accident over and over again and was actually sweating before I even got on him. But my trainer and I took it slow. Lots of walk trot patterns and he was WONDERFUL. I opted to canter him inside (not that brave yet! Still want walls around me!) and we got a MAGNIFICENT counter canter and I finally felt what it meant when my trainers yell at me to ride each and every stride. My half halts were almost right on and his back was lifted and he was actually engaged. I'm so excited - friend's coming out to take pictures on Wednesday (assuming I can work up the courage to go outside again :p) and I'll have to post them!

Do you think he knows I've been threatening to sell him soon? :p


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Jan 26, 2004
That's great, SA! I figured you were due for a good one. :D

Wish I could figure out my half-halts. :rolleyes:

I'll be waiting on those pictures!


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Aug 26, 2004
Well done! Glad you are finding the courage to ride him outside! Believe me when I tell you I know that fear.
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