Such a good boy

Nov 10, 2014
So chuffed with the wee guy tonight, wee lunging session and I brought my big mounting block to the arena to do some work with him on it.

Decided what the heck when he was calmly standing next to it to lean over him feet on the block.

Then I lifted one leg and then two and he didn’t bat an eye, tried to pull my shoe a bit lol. The shouted on a friend to lead him and we walked once round with me lying on him. He was a bit hesitant but calm as a cucumber. Not a bit of bother ❤️❤️

CAFAAD03-C12A-40E9-B7C5-7EE58710EA51.jpeg 53EFE0CD-988E-49C1-ABCC-C2C77146D9AC.jpeg
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