Striking out with forefoot....?


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Nov 11, 2018
I just read the first post - Hogan did this to me once, in the very early days. He only did it once, actually aiming to get me when I was leading him out. He got a very sharp smack with the whip - I've never seen another horse do it, and he never did it again.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Yep Billy does it in frustration. Hes done it a few times when ive been clicker training when he doesnt understand what im asking but also he thinks if he strikes out i will give in. Nope
When he says please kindly he will actually take his foot back like he would when picking his feet out. So the foot forward is a protest.
I would have liked to teach him the spanish walk but i think that with my limited clicker training skills and the wrong clicker training it could go wrong and i could set myself for a dangerous situation. So ive stopped training that.
He paws the food bowl when i put it down and hes taken a mouthful. Thats just impatience.

He has struck out when i put the clippers near him one day when i was clipping chunky. That was him most definitely warning me i was crossing his boundary.

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