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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I'm currently looking at ways I can sort out my area in the tack room. Everyone else's is so clean and tidy... mine is just all over the place!! I have his first aid kit and supplies which is basically one of them huge storage boxes, As it's Sox! Then on top of that box I have my two lunge lines, my boots and chaps. Infront of the box I have soxs trainers and to the right of the box down the side I have a few buckets with.... anything and everything in. Above the box is his saddle and on a shelf above that is my hat :)
Oh! And I am currently 'borrowing' as extra saddle rack to put my roller and extra saddle pads on...
Any idea how I can make better use of the small space I have?


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Apr 30, 2010
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I'm a messy person, but the only way I can keep things tidy is with plastic boxes. I have loads of them! One day I will get around to labelling them with a Sharpie.
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May 2, 2007
Ive aquired various items of furniture from people i know and find on my local fb giveaway and charity shop.
Chest of draws for fencing, poly tape, wire etc.
Wardrobe all with shelves in it for rugs.
Book case used for grab quick, fly sprays, lotions and potions.
Best one is a four draw filing cabinet. Had one at the yard which i was allowed to use, and when i moved home i brought one second hand from red cross. That has my everyday stuff in. Grooming kit, hat, gloves, meds, pig oil and sulphur.
At the yard i only had a small space, so nearly everything had to fit into the filing cabinet. I worked by season with the rugs. If it was winter i only had winter rugs at the yard, all my summer ones came home etc. I also used to do a regular check of my stuff when i found i couldnt get anymore in the draws. Id go through and say do i really need this at the yard, no then take it home, or throw it out.
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Mar 15, 2015
I have a couple of the plastic 4 drawer units (cost about a tenner from places like B&M). They come in a couple of widths, so one contains bits and bobs, such as first aid kit, gloves, lunge lines etc, the bigger one holds exercise sheets, numnahs etc.


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Dec 20, 2004
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I'd probably just go for another of the big plastic tubs for your boots, trainers, and lunging gear, and come up with a plan for your spare pads. Is sox ok with things hanging in his stable? you could always hang a rack for pads in there if you don't have wall space in the tack room and he isn't likely to throw them all on the floor.
I have a double width 4 draw filing cabinet, which is great, or chest of drawers work really well but if you already have boxes it makes sense to get more of the same so it looks neat.


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Oct 13, 2004
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Do you actually "need" everything you have stored there? Could you downsize your stuff a bit? If you have quite a few saddle cloths and coolers could you buy some of the vacuum sealed bags (which means you can get loads in and then shrink them to fit the goods) and store those at home? Lol I'm filling your home with horsey goodies !!! (Not always doable I know). When we moved yards I was amazed at the amount I had amassed in just a year and a lot of it I archived at home. Which meant I didn't have quite so much on the next yard. If that's not possible I'd probably say just go for the large plastic tubs with lids - they hold quite a bit and are fairly damp-proof and mouse proof.


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Jul 21, 2021
I’m a big fan of making something out of nothing for the horse, rider, and yard by recycling reusing and repurposing 0594F524-80A8-4D2E-AD13-0C1983EF4F7F.jpeg
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