Stanley is getting better - what do y'all think?


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Nov 13, 2007
Pics from when I bought him in February..



And this evening... I'm pleased he's improving but am wary of him putting on too much too quick so it's :) but :rolleyes:.. with the weight gain..




He looks fab!!!!!:eek:

Thanks... :eek: .. I am pleased with his improving - although he has a way to go as yet.. He's mentally a different horse now as well as physically.. he's really come out of his shell .. He was so subdued and hidden away but he has bloomed! He's hilarious! He chases sticks with the dogs and steals stuff and hides it in his stable like a squirrel!
He's looking brilliant now:D

I woulnd't want more weight on him now, just more muscle. Don't think he could be more shiney if he tried though:eek::D
He's even better looking in real life :D He has a sparkle that he didn't have in those first pictures.
He looks so much more chilled and happy:D Definite improvement all over, he looks great.
Is that the same horse? :eek:

He does have a sparkle in his eye now that he didn't have in the 'then' photo's - he looked a bit sad 'then'.
Ooh shiny shiny! He looks very nice condition to me, you don't get that kind of gloss unless they're feeling good about themselves. I think he looks good weight wise. And by the way you must have a good farrier - his feet look much nicer now too :)
He is a million time better so well done you.

PS you can tell he is a happy with you and his new lease of life by looking into his eyes, they are so full of life unlike the dull eyes he is wearing the early pics.......;)