Stamping? Getting better?


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Oct 13, 2004
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When Chloe came to us in Nov she stamped her feet (was warned about this) and vet gave her the mite injection to help (it didn't) as it was mud fever. Anyhoo, she stopped stamping in her box - but the mud fever took a hold and was awful (touch wood it is a little better atm) but she's started stamping again. Might this mean that the scabs are getting better and drying up? Do you think it could be a bit like in humans - when we were kids and grazed our knees, (well my mum used to tell me this) that when it was getting better it itched?! I really hope so, as she was doing it in the paddock today as well. Am a bit at my whits end with the wretched mud fever - poor girl has had a horrid winter with it and as a result is VERY difficult to attend to regarding her lower legs now.

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Jan 4, 2009
They do say wounds itch as they heal, so could be.. have you tried Skratch Plus? Put it in her feed, and within a few days she should stop stamping, as it'll help sooth the itching :smile:

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Aug 17, 2009
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We've had a few stamping episodes and I've always put it down to mites. I treated for the mites with dectomax from the vet but it didn't work so we ended up using normal dog flea spot on, and then repeated ten days later incase any new eggs had hatched. Since then I've pig oiled every six-eight weeks even through the summer. Its now part of our routine to prevent those little blighters - and the mud fever.


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Oct 13, 2004
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When she first came to us I was warned she might have mites, so we got the vet to give her the injection for them, and I thought that might have cured it, however, it turned out to be the dreaded mud fever.........unless the mites have come back?! Wonder how long it lasts (the injection I mean?)
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