Spring in the air? too flippin' right, Tór certainly was!


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Apr 16, 2000
I have just got back on the boat this morning after having to go south due to an Uncle's illness, Anyway, arrived home and Tór has been out on some spring grass for 4 days.

I had decided last week that he really was beginning to feel his back feet and it was time for his hinds to go on. Not that I want to increase his workload, he's just feeling his back feet a bit sore.

So I rode him down to the house and I put some hinds on him then popped back on to ride him back to the field. On the way to the house he was his usual ploddy self, on the way back to the field with his shoes he came alive! For the first time I really felt him using every part of his body, his back flexed, he stepped out like a train. (might be due in part to the osteopath on Friday, but he was not like that on Friday evening after his visit, in fact, it was the Friday that made me decide he needed shoes) Well, it was quite a a job to remain in control on the way back and he bounced and pranced back. I never once felt he was scary though, just giggling.

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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I love reading stories of other peoples horses reacting to the spring grass. Makes me feel that Bens reaction to the grass is perfectly normal.
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