Speedy return of my Friesian from loan !


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Oct 26, 2008
Hi Folks,
Just thought I would keep you updated on my rather brief loaning adventure !
I decided that to keep time and money more managable I would put 2 of my horses on loan, my throughbred for permanent loan (still available) and my friesian mare Sylvie.
I got interest in Sylvie straight away and a lovely lady from scotland came down for the weekend to meet her. She met Sylvie and, of course, fell in love. She rode her, her friend rode her and Sylvie (newly broken and very green) was good as gold so the lady decided to take her. We had talked and I had told her I had a NH approch and did everything very slowly and calmly with lots of emphasis on bonding and she said that, though not NH, that was how she worked. I was happy she would be a good home for 2 yrs until I had more time and money so Sylvie went 2 weeks ago.
All was very quiet with only the odd facebook posting and no pics but I didn't want to be seen to be the nosy, bossy Mum so I left it 2 weeks allowing them both to settle.
2 days ago I get a FB message saying they were sending Sylvie back as she was dangerous and unridable :frown:
Apparently the minute anyones bum hits the saddle she goes into serious rodeo mode and 'no-one can stay on' 'her friend has tried and lots of people at their yard have tried and no one can stay on' 'she has broken 2 riding hats from landing on her head' WTF !!!!!!!!!
What the hell have they done to my lovely, gentle, trusting baby ???????
In just 2 weeks!!
Why did she not call me the first time it happened ?
Why did she let 'lots of other people have a go' ?
She knew I kept Sylvie out 24/7 on just hay/haylage and she kept her in and gave her some hard feed.
She must have rushed to riding before Sylvie trusted her fully.
She must have scared the living daylights out of my poor girl to make her behave like that.
I feel awful that she has been put through that :cry:
Anyway, I kept it pleasant and said sorry it didn't work out and she can come home as soon as possible. The loaner said she would have to wait until she had the money for transport so I offered to pay £150 towards transport and Sylvie is coming home on Wednesday PHEW !
It coincides with me having a week off work so I can put her out in the field with her friends and cuddle her lots.
Before she went Sylvie was ridden a few times by a lovely riding instructor who has restarted my thoroughbred and works slowly and gently. She loved Sylvie and is now hopping at the chance to ride her again so I will give Sylvie a field break and the instructor will go back to the beginning with groundwork and long reining and is confident that she will get Sylvie right again pretty quickly.
I really hope so as 2 weeks is quite along time to be scared like that :unsure:
However, I am SOOOOOOOO glad to be getting my black beauty back again, it just wasn't right without her so I will just have to budget my time and money more efficiently and hope my thoroughbred finds a loaner soon.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Sorry to hear it didn't work out - but everything happens for a reason and all that. Sure when she comes home to you and realises she is going to be in your hands and your routine she will be fine and settle again.


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Dec 18, 2007
Bournemouth, Dorset
Bloody people. Fancy taking a new green horse that obviously is unhappy and letting loads of people 'have a go' to see if they can stay on! Talk about teaching bad habits. Glad to hear she is coming home and you have the time and facilities to fix her again! I guess next time she's to go on loan, you'll be much clearer on your expectations etc. Can you advertise her for a share but to stay on your place? Not sure if that suits you but would allow you to keep an eye on her.


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Jan 19, 2005
They havent given her much time to settle in, And if im looking at your profile right it was a long journey to scotland.. She could of tweaked her back or anything en-route especially if shes not used to travelling much.


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Mar 15, 2008
Taking things slowly-doesn't sound very slow does it.

You may have another use for that string I got you for Christmas, a human neck would fit in it nicely!
Poor wee lass. I hope she settles back home soon. Best place for her

Years ago, for similar reasons we had the same nightmare with Kizzy. Due to lifestyle change and finances, we put her on a loan as a 4yo. It transpired on her return that she had out grown her saddle after a growth spurt. Plus she had been in 24/7 on high energy mix after a life of living out. She flipped. Loaner was too ignorant to know to check such things as tack and diet despite claims of knowledge. She came back without warning to the yard she had been at with our other two horses. Owner of yard was not happy but allowed her to stay in the field with our other two. She twigged my stress at the situation!

It took Kiz a long time of NH/TLC to chill back but she did. So glad she did as hubby and her bonded in her re-homing rehab!
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Jan 7, 2013
I'm so sorry to hear things havnt worked out but I'm glad she's coming home to you and will soon be back to her old self with her mum around again I'm sure.its awful just how quick a person can do so much damage to a beautiful animal .good luck and let us know ow ses settling back in a home :)


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Oct 26, 2008
Thanks folks :)
I really don't understand why they didn't call me the second she started to buck ? If that was me I would be calling the owner and asking what I was doing to cause such a reaction ? Had it ever happened before ? What should I do to sort it ? Not carry on doing the same thing and getting the same results !!!
In their defense they did get her back and neck checked but only the day they contacted me to return her. Oh well, at least I know she hasn't been physically damaged (though perhaps I shoud get her checked her by someone known and trusted at our yard ?)
NewForest _ so you were my secret santa :wink: I absolutely love my pink string and actually have a Parelli instructor coming fr the whole day on thursday so will christen it. Sylvie is coming home on Wednesday at 6pm so I might use half the training day to work on her if she seems relaxed :smile:
Anna - I don't think I could let her go out on loan again, I really missed her and am looking forward to working and playing with her. I will just have to make the time and effort to spend time with her.


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Apr 25, 2003
it's just unbelievable really that you persevere and let every tom dick and harry have a go! i'm not surprised she misbehaved with such a drastic change in management and being only a babe herself.

hopefully she will revert back to the horse you know soon and that no real damage has been done.
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