Soxs update and pics


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Update on the boy! Proud moment!!
Sox has been doing really well, a new.livery came a few weeks ago and we have been doing a lot of hacking.

Took them out on a different short route which means crossing a bypass roundabout and going on a 40mph road ( which normally just sees cars/vans).
Not yesterday, every HGV,7.5 tonne lorry, transit van, learner drivers driving lorries with large trailers on the back, cars, a 2 buses where on that road!!!!

What did Sox do? I hear you say?. Plodded along without a care in the world and if he could talk it would be *sighs!!* just another day out the office!!

I was completely over the moon with him!!! He did so well! Considering trailers and lorries can make him nervous ( it's more the open small trailers that have things making a noise that scare him, but any trailer that you can see into frightens him).

The only thing he did was one of the large MKM lorries came just slightly too fast towards us and he jumped onto the path in one movement.

On the way home the roundabout was quite busy and sox can get inpatient, just as I was trying to manage him. A huge lorry with a open trailer was carrying... some sort of machinery it looked like!! Inside I was praying he didn't spook or spin at it.
What did it do? Bugger all!! He just stood there!!!

I will add that road we went on is normally no where near as busy as that. Sometimes you're lucky to get a van!
As you can see Sox is overjoyed to be going for a 20 minute walk.

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