Soxs racing groom pays a visit!!


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I wasnt too sure where to put this. Though i thought it was quite exciting and needed to share!
I have soxs groom from racing who is also the trainers wife, on facebook.
I had messaged her in the past. Kept her updated and today she came to visit him!!

She was over the moon with how he was looking. She told me more about his past that i wasnt aware of. He had a op on his soft pallet. One of the grooms had arthritis and he would take her up the gallops as they knew he would stop at the end. As they where only a small yard they where able to go out in the field in pairs. Also how he was never a racehorse and always was a pet. She said they took him to the races, rather then him trying to win. It was more 'this is a nice day out'.
Because he was so good the main thing the trainer wanted to do was to find him a good home. As she said once there sold or given away (to grooms normally) its out of there hands. I told her things about sox and she said he is very very lucky to have me as not many would have carried on. Also she called him trig. His name was trigger at the racing yard.

In addition he also seemed to remember her aswell after 10 years


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Apr 23, 2009
Oh, how lovely is that? It must have been so nice for her to see Sox (or Trig) again and for you to find out something about his previous life. I hope he enjoyed his day too :)
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Feb 8, 2012
How lovely to meet someone from his past who seemed to care so fondly for him. Bet it must be so nice for her to see him now so well looked after and loved
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Apr 25, 2003
that's lovely to hear, i get annoyed when everyone says that folks in racing don't care about their horses. she clearly did love him and it's wonderful he remembered her.
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