some pics of the gang


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Jun 18, 2008
only from my phone so not the best.











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Jun 18, 2008
Awwwwww. They're looking good. I love the one of Bails sniffing the camera. :p

lol he was trying to steal my snack a jacks. he had found my packet earlier and ripped them open! you'd think he was starved lol.
just spent two nights repairing Frostys lightweight which is why he was in the pink lol


Aug 21, 2004
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^ I should've probably let Steph answer that so I hope she doesn't mind. (Sorry) :eek: I'm bored and ill at home so have nothing else to do. :rolleyes:

Tonto is the piebald and belongs to Steph.
Bailey is the buckskin and Frosty is the buckskin and white and they're both on loan from me while I'm at uni. :)
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