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Oct 22, 2000
Pembrokeshire, West Wales
Can't decide whether the horse is sneezing or coughing - i think it's a dust reaction (usually happens when her buddy is being groomed - gets very muddy so creates a lot of dust when brushed; and sometimes with hay). No problem when we are exercising. Anyway, i've tried cough mixture but not really doing anything - short of getting the vet to look at her (which i'll try to put off til after the christmas break now if i can) any ideas of what else to try her on?


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Apr 16, 2000
Get the horse out of the dusty situation. Groom outside, soak hay, use dust extracted bedding. Cough mixtures will have no effect whatsoever on a dust allergy.


Aug 3, 2000

I posted awhile ago when my horse had a BAD cough! It turned out to be the alfa alfa in his hay was reacting wrong with his bronchial tubes. So, what I would say is to make sure there's nothing in his food that's disagreeing with him and affecting his lungs!

If it's not that, then do as Wally said, and move him to a different stall (if you can) that's more open or closer to the door, so he gets more fresh air. That's what I did with mine, and it helped!

Maci :)


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Oct 22, 2000
Pembrokeshire, West Wales
Thanks Wally and Maci. Started yesterday with hay soaking. Am using wood shavings as bedding. Horse is turned out during the day and at night has access to the stable but is not shut in - hopefully will see some improvement. Merry Christmas!
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