Side effects of Devil's Claw?


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Jul 17, 2004
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Problem is they do, or people wouldn't bother with them. I think the problem is nobody knows exactly how they work, although all the anecdotal (and some clinical) evidence suggests they do.

They work in humans too :)

Not quite sure which part of my post (assuming it's my post :p) you're referring to, presumably the bit about joint supplements?
The clinical evidence does show that a good joint supplement will significantly maintain the mobility of the joint and slow degenerative wear. That in my books is a good enough reason to use one.
However, it cannot and will not reverse arthritic changes.


However, it cannot and will not reverse arthritic changes. :)

No, I don't think anyone would claim that - it was the bit about suppleness I was responding to, because they can appear to make a stiff horse less stiff:)

Skippys Mum

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Nov 25, 2007
I'll jump in here about turmeric (or tumeric - same stuff, folks just have different names for it - its also called Haldi if you buy it from Asian supermarkets).

I went to an evening at my vets where there were various drug reps all promoting different things. One of them commented on turmeric. Apparently, in countries such as India and Pakistan where turmeric is a constant part of the diet, the % of the population suffereing from arthritis or osteoarthritis is very very small. It apparently, helps to prevent these diseases and has antiinflammatory and analgesic properties??

I now have all my horses on it and have seen a noticible difference in them. Dont get me wrong, Arnie has no problems (although he did have a hock issue when he was younger - juvenile spavin - he is fully sound just now) but he is just so much looser on turmeric - and happier:D. I swear this stuff is happy powder for horses:D

I did have to change my feeding methods though, we needed new, wide, flat buckets as he had a big yellow stripe over his nose:rolleyes:

I buy mine from the local Chinese supermarket. £4.30 for 1kg which lasts 3 horses a couple of months. I feed 2 10ml scoops per day to Arnie (he's just under 500kg).

It also works for humans but its absolutely vile to take! My friend takes it in fruit juice but yuuuccckkkk! You can get it in tablet form from the likes of Holland and Barrett:D.

Incidentally, start your horses on it very very gradually - there will be a lot of lip curling and horrified looks to start with. It must be an aquired taste though cos I can bung it in no bother now:D


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Apr 16, 2009
Ive heard a few things about devils claw only being recommended for a short time as if can effect there stomach.

MA what about changing equine america for equine answers premier flex, it has more Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid than a few well known brands. I had LL on movefree plus and she was still clicking, she has been on this a few weeks, I completed the inital loading dose and can notice a difference. Price wise is good too.

I think owned by chanter put him on the plus one with devils claw ?? I know she did lots of research and this came up best ingredients/price wise.

Can't believe any one even read my thread let alone remembered it. Thank you.

I think I will be picking up some of this other stuff every one is talking about.

Thanks skippy Mum for the amounts. I will pop to Asda over the weekend and get some.


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Jan 20, 2010
Norfolk and good
Can't believe any one even read my thread let alone remembered it. Thank you.

I think I will be picking up some of this other stuff every one is talking about.

Thanks skippy Mum for the amounts. I will pop to Asda over the weekend and get some.

I remember it as you did the research that I was thinking of doing, Im very grateful you saved me a job, LL is doing very nicely thanks to your hard work.

kathy Brooks

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Apr 25, 2022
it increases stomach acid so is not good if ulcers are known or suspected and can in long term use lead to ulcers and stomach problems.

can cause a loss of appetite also so loss of condition and energy.

can cause an allergic reaction.

can cause heart rhythm changes also.
Where did you get the info on heart rhythm changes in a horse. Very interested in this as my horse had a fainting episode while on Devils claw.
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