Sid in a tizzy


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
I was planning a nice amble around the Heath this morning, still on the bareback pad as Sid is only slowly being reintroduced to work under saddle. Sid was very chilled as we walked up the lane to the gully where I can get on, so that was all good.

Then after about 10 minutes we drew nigh to the cricket pitch., Oh no! It was a little kids' cricket day. The pitch was covered with little kids in whites zooming here and there and throwing brightly coloured things. They were screaming. Loudly screaming.

From 500m away Sid was uncomfortable and by the time we got to within 100m he was nearly losing it. Rather than argue about it from the bareback pad, I slid off and led him past. I stopped on the corner of the pitch in the hope that he would have a look and settle, but what he did was have a look and say, "If you try to make me stay here one moment longer, I am so going to run away." So we walked away, as slowly as I wanted, away and away.

We were doing a circular route with the cricket pitch near the middle, so all the way around (with me walking now, as there wasn't anywhere I could get back on) he could hear the kids and kept stopping to snort and stare. At last he settled and we got back to the gully and I slipped on to ride 10 minutes home.

Not much riding in an hour and a bit's walking, but good experience for all!

One way in which Sid is very different from Ziggy: if Ziggy saw a scary thing and stopped to look, he would generally decide it was OK. If Sid stops to look, he convinces himself more and more that it is frightening. Best to keep him moving, I find.
I used to ride an amazing horse called Humphrey, he never turned a hair when a helicopter landed in the field next to the bridleway we were on, about 20 yards from him....he used to go over motorway bridges over the M25.....
Oh bless him, children are often scary for Belle too, I’m not sure why but on the yard she’s a sweetheart with little ones, but if she sees some walking toward her out hacking she really doesn’t much like them unless they are standing still and cooing over the pretty horsey. 🙄
Haakon would go and join in. There may be a parent with biscuits.
Klaengur would take to the hills and talk himself out of his whole day. I would get off him and walk but nag all the way home until he was asking me to get back on so I would shut up!
They are all different, as you know.