Showing Chestnut Horse - Any Hints?

Waikato Valuta

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Aug 8, 2002
I have a chestnut horse with 3 white socks. I would like to show him in hand later in the year but I have never really applied makeup. I tried once and my horse looked like a freak for a week.

If I get some suggesting I’ll post some before and after shots in a few weeks.

So what would you do with this horse? Eg. what type of makeup/product and where?

it depends on what breed your horse is as to whether you should bother or not. from a personal point i wouldn't bother at all no matter what breed he is. just use a clear highlighter over his eyes and muzzle. if he has a full mane and tail you can rub a little baby oil trough it to highten the gloss but that should be it. i have seen greys with black makeup on and they look stupid. i also hate glitter on anything but kids ponies and even then i'd rather they didn't.

my opinion as a producer and judge.
Hi, i am showing my Chestnut ridden this weekend. He also has 3 white socks so i will use chalk powder to brighten them and then baby oil on his hocks etc to highlighten them. i don't really know about make up but think that suneanarab's comment is accurate.

amz x
i would just shampoo the socks so they are white instead of grey. put some mane and tail conditioner in the the mane and tail to detangle it and add a gleam. plaiting the tail in one big plait the day before the show can give it more body. when you take the plait out, lots of mane and tail conditioner and brush through and it generally looks fuller.
Go to the champion tails website and try and get a copy of the Vicky Lawrie cd. It's good.

Need to run to work, but will think about it and reply when I get back.
Ok, here we go. I know makeup is quite a big thing in Australia, so here's what I would do.

Darken muzzle and carefully apply white makeup to make snip stand out more.

If you clip out the insides of your ears, apply dark makeup carefully into those too, but obviously not too far.

I would put some makeup around the eyes too. I would oil/highlight his chestnuts to darken them, and apply a clear highlighter to the sheath as well. Over here you can can get a clear highlighter that also acts as a fly repellent and sunscreen. Use that on his knees, hocks and lower legs, but not the white.

At every stage you use the makeup you need to dab on a small amount, then really blend it in. I would use predominantly red black, and then futher blend it with a clear highlighter, on the ears, around the eyes and around the muzzle.

Assuming he moves straight and correctly, I would put black polish on his feet rather than clear. It makes the socks more eye catching. If you trim the socks around the coronet band, it stops you getting black polish on white hairs.

Once everything is on, I would apply coatshine. With the makeup, remember that its easier to add more than to take it off. So do lots of practising, take photos after every few dabs and then see what looks best. If you keep standing back you'll be able to see what suits and what doesn't.
:) Most simple thing is Elbow grease. Dont chalk his legs cause it makes them look dull and if the judge touches the leg they will have white hands! Not good.

A bit of baby oil rubbed into your hands then rub over eyes and nose.

Coat shine on Bum, shoulders and legs.

Main and tail conditioner if leaving it natural otherwise plait with thread not bands for best results. Good luck. Im off to plait 3 horses at my yard for the show tom. Maybe if i did it badly they wont ask me again! he he he
actually if you use show white on the legs and wash it out it doesn't make the hair dull. the whites stay white and very very bright! we were always asked how i got odin's legs so white and they stayed that way to the next show too.