Showing a welsh section D

Three Mares

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Oct 23, 2007
Going to our first local showing show this coming weekend never been to one before.

I would be grateful if someone could answer my queries as I am very nervous!!

1. do I plait my section D, she has a very thick mane and long forelock
2. Can I wear a snaffle bridle with cavesson and plain reins for in hand and ridden classes.
3. Is it ok if I wear beige jods, black jacket, shirt and tie (that I use for jumping classes)?
4. Can I do ridden and in hand cob classes with a section D?
5. Do I need to wear a hat for in hand classes?
6. What happens in in hand and ridden classes - what are you actually asked to do?

Many thanks for you help


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Feb 7, 2008
1.. Only put one small plait just behind the ear to separate the mane from the forelock.. not more than about 2cm wide, asuming you don't have a bridle path cut in to the mane. Finish this off with either a blue or red ribbon if possible..not too wide ribbon.

2.. Snaffle bridle is fine for ridden... and inhand if you do not have an inhand bridle as it is local level..or see if a friend has an inhand bridle you could borrow.

3.. Beige jods and jacket are perfect..would be better if you had a tweed jacket..again maybe see if you could borrow one, or if it is warm weather just a waistcoat instead of the jacket looks nice too.

4.. Really depends on the show, we have entered my Sec.D in cob classes at plenty of local shows and won..sometimes they are just greatful for the extra entries..!! If in doubt ask when you put your entries in or the steward in the appropriate ring.

5.. Wearing a hat is up to you really but from a safety angle I would say yes, especially as this is your first time never know.

6...Inhand you will be asked to walk and trot your horse for the judge..fin a group and individually.Best bet is to go into the ring last then you can watch as many of the other entries as possible and see what they do..inhand is very straight forward. Ridden you will have to do an individual show to show your horse at walk, trot and canter on both reins and some will do gallop as well.

Hope this helps...above all else ENJOY yourself...:):)

Three Mares

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Oct 23, 2007
wow thank you so much for your answers. I am just going for fun but its nice to know some of the basics to start me off. Thanks again.


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May 22, 2008
I show sec D in-hand, I never plait any of the mane, just dress it (light pulling) and I show her in a flat web cob slip.:)
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