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Jun 1, 2009
This advert surely can't be right. I can understand the bridle a little for showing purposes, but the saddle?

coloured filly 1yr old or would swap
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Type: Private Advert
Price: £750 ono
Updated: 58 minutes ago
to make 15hh,she is a very nice medium wieght cob do very well in the coloured showing ,she lunges and has had saddle on just started with bridle , she is out of a spotty m/w stallion and a coloured hairy cob , she has very laid back temperment,she is good to caught,lead,feet etc.. she is fully passported and wormed to date


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Aug 6, 2007
I actually wouldn't have a problem with the saddle and bridle (as long as its light and not left on fot long. I had a yearling years ago that I used to play around getting him used to stuff, he really enjoyed it.

What I wouldn't like is the lunging, its not good for young joints to do a lot of work on circles.

I actually taught my youngster to long rein at about 18 months (with someone at his head) for very short periods. It didn't do him any harm and he was really easy to back when he was 4.

Unless the seller is one of those dreadful people who back babies it might just be someone who like me bought a youngster for the experience and has time on their hands.
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