Shocked and Thrilled to Bits


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May 7, 2003
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After the last couple of days worries I decided to go to this Trailblazers Dressage competition today. Awoke at the ungodly time of 6.30am this morning, vomitting again. :eek: Loaded up and off we went.

Captain was so calm he revealed himself to all and sundry. Got into the warm up area first. Tense, strong, pulling but generally a very well behaved boy in the way that he didnt react to the others starting to come in with their proper Dressage horses. :aplause Then he relaxed. This is when he caught me off guard, took offence to something invisible and bolted, bucked, farted his way across the school...:rolleyes:

We were on second. My main aim, to try and stay in our arena and not join the horse next door. Captain bless him showed how lushpants he looks when he has a nervous rider on his back. With his brain only about to explode once as a flash TB came alongside the arena. A few polite words in his ears and he went the way I asked him. :cool:

Jas up next.....yes I booked Jas in for a test on Captain. Already decided that the lead rope was going on and away we went. That boy adapts so well to Jas he really will suit her perfectly one day. He walked around so calmly and did a superb bit of trot for her.:D

Watched my friend and Bobby strut their stuff. They are gorgeous together. Bobby all posh and plaited looking like a proper Dressage pony.

Went to get score, at first I got my score wrong without realising, till my favourite RI told me to go and check my scores again.

65.2% we came 3rd.... :eek::D

Because Jas was on lead rope she wasnt scored. Which she sadly got upset about, I understand why but they are kids FFS and its for fun.:confused: She did however get the best comments of the day. "Very quietly ridden, lovely position. Superb trot. Very well done"..:cool:


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Oct 16, 2006
The Cotswolds
Oh wow, well done Captain, he gives me hope for J (who was a bit of a cowbag today!)

I would have thought they would have given at least a special rosette for kids doing it on the lead line, bless Captain though!


Apr 29, 2002
Well done ...

Trailblazers are getting more highpowered try local shows for prizes on lead. Our local show place does everything in Novice including tiny tots Walk and Trot on and off lead in an enclosed arena....I just feel sorry for the LR mums having to run!!


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May 7, 2003
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Sadly Els, our local Shows dont do walk and trot tests...:( Its difficult enough to get Captain to stay in the arena in trot when he is picking up on my nerves, it would blow his mind in canter...:eek: Jimmy is just plain difficult.:rolleyes: But we love him. :D


Aug 7, 2007
East Sussex
Well done both of you.
TB can take themselves quite seriously hehehe ... A bit too much! We're lucky as we have LOADs of WT tests round here, very child friendly too. That said, it sounds like you had a really successful day :D :D./


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Oct 5, 2003
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Captain Lushpants indeed. That boy is awesome. You're not so bad either :p Well done to Jazz too, won't be long before she nicks Captain off you -suggest you start sleeping with his saddle...


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May 7, 2003
On my horses back...
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Captain Lushpants indeed. That boy is awesome. You're not so bad either :p Well done to Jazz too, won't be long before she nicks Captain off you -suggest you start sleeping with his saddle...

It wouldnt hurt Captain to do more bless him. I think I have the perfect next size pony on my doorstep for Jas. Saves on the pennies when she has outgrown Jimmy. Then I shall need a little rider for Jimmy Choo. :)

im always puking in the morning of a Show. Thought it had stopped this Summer but these darn nerves have reared their ugly head again....grrrr
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