Shocked and disgusted am I overreacting?


May 7, 2002
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That's bizarre. If she's not standing, she's not in season and won't conceive anyway. Can't believe the stallion owner doesn't seem to understand that.

To answer teh question, no, we would never cover like that.


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May 27, 2008
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No, you're not overeacting, I don't know much about breeding horses but i am pretty sure that you shouldnt do that.
From what i've heard you leave them alone for a while. Doesn't your boyfriend care?

Well don't rush too much, check how others breed horses first but if I were you i'd be pretty disgusted with everyone involved (apart from the horses)
so yes i am apalled as well


That was my suspicion Skint - if she had come into season it seemed odd to take her for scanning - so if they thought she might have been in foal she wouldn't have been in season and then compeltely pointless in covering her!


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Jul 14, 2007
Some people shouldn't be allowed horses, let alone be allowed to get mixed up in breeding. Sorry the mans an idiot as is the owner of the stallion:mad:


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Jan 31, 2006
spruce grove, alberta
WOW the only time i have ever heard about tying a mare up is when you are AIing them and they are new to it and may kick the Handler. She has to be in season too, man people like that shouldn't be able to own and have the oppurtunity to breed horses, their obviously not that educated.

Flash Harry

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Apr 14, 2008
No way are you overreacting, my heart goes out to you. I am not highly experienced with regard to covering / breeding, but i do have common sense!
When we have covered mares, we always used a `teaser`- a little pony stallion to ensure that the mare was in season and willing (poor pony never actually got to do ought- he stood about 11hh!).Only then if the mare was ready,the stallion would be led up to the mare by an experienced handler, with another experienced handler holding onto the mare wearing all the correct gear, both horses and handlers for safety and the covering took place. Keep your chin up, everybody learns from their mistakes, i`m sure you are not alone


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May 17, 2008
And apart from above, what is the man trying to achieve by breeding his pony mare to a heavy, much larger stallion?

Unfortunatly he was trying to get what everyone wants around here a piebald cob, we had to talk him out of putting her with a bigger stallion (16hh qnd heavier than the other stallion :eek:) because it has the gene that means it always throws coloureds, homozeygus i think?. There wasn't any regard for her needs, more for what he wanted which really got me.

He's responsible for this horse, she didn't ask to be owned by him and he did this to her, he doesn't even bother with her most of the time as my boyfriend has taken her on and looked after her. Yet after spending zilch time and knowing very little about horses anyway, he suddenly knows what's best. It really infuriates me. It's nice to know NR members agree with me on this, because I'd really hate for this to be common practice.
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Mar 22, 2008
your post shocks and apalls me. :eek: Poor mare, its a pity she couldnt muster up the strength to kick your boyfriends father and the stallion owner into touch !

Good on you for caring :)


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Apr 16, 2000
Some stallions can be very violent with their mares, but the mares end up shutting up and putting up!

I really do not like these violent sallions, and would think twice before breeding from them. I like a stallion who is trustworthy to be out with mares with foals at foot and put none of them in danger by violently covering them.


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Apr 25, 2003
she was raped!

doubt she will get in foal, so they will no doubt do it again.

poor mare. hope she boots the blazes out of them.
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