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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
So I wanted to try that brand of clay based thrush busting foot stuff (trying to avoid this popping up on google searches about it but hopefully you know what I mean) but I can't buy it locally, and I resent paying 17 quid for a little tub plus another 5 for postage, so mulling on it I decided its just green clay with thrush busting extras and I just happened to have half a tub of like ice from EA, which is clays with a few other bits and aloe and tea tree, so I slapped it on Jess' feet, in 24 hours they went from pretty stinky to very little black or stink, 3 days later and they look brill :D

I'm guessing its more to do with it acting as a barrier than killing the bacteria, regardless I'm happy and its a damn site cheaper (similar price but the tub is 3 or more times the size :D)
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Apr 20, 2003
Sounds really good, I was thinking about getting green clay and trying it, but have been using golden hoof and oregano oil as I have a huge bag of golden hoof for my goats.
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Jun 4, 2014
Apparently, you can make a paste just out green clay powder. I've got some Field Paste left, so will use this but when it runs out I'll be trying just green clay and adding my own essential oils.
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Dec 1, 2017
Red horse sole clense is best, just pick the hoof out spray it on... Done! Absolutely brilliant. I use it once a week as a preventive now, farrier came a couple of weeks ago and there washt even a tiny amount if thrush he said. Happy :)
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