Scary late night call!!


Apr 29, 2002
Just had a phone call 5 minutes ago from someone on a localish housing estate, 'I have found two horse and caught them, are they yours?'

Brain engaged...what do they look like, 'patches of black and white and very hairy'..phew...not any of mine but I suspect I know who's they are so I say I will phone back

Phone up likely owner who says 'ooops I will get daughter up and go and get them' so put both in touch.

Rambly story but just a question...if they were mine I couldn't drive as I have had a glass or two of wine, alone and about 1 mile away down unlit drive then main road to estate what would I have done to recover them/get them back???


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Dec 21, 2003
Interesting question. Managing without one's own car seems so hard for our generation, doesn't it? Though many younger, greener folk e.g. in Germany use taxis, car share, car pools etc as a matter of course.

In your place, I would have phoned the owner whose horses they actually were and begged their help? Or others in your horse network. Or RSPCA.

Because it isn't just the car eml.
I personally don't think one should deal with horses after a drink.

I knew for years that my gt aunt was killed by her horse on the ground - Much later I discovered this was after a family wedding.
I do not know whether she had had any alcohol - but it crossed my mind that there was a possibility and that, if one is not fit to drive a car, one should avoid getting too close to horses too?


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May 27, 2007
Well, I'm one of the rare breeds that still can't drive.

So, when/if my ponies escape and its late, our whole village is unlit... then I have to just go and get them, on my own. Regardless.

Admittedly I very very very rarely drink so that isn't so much a problem

NB My hubby drives our car but he quite often drinks of a evening and besides need to leave someone at home with the kids.

ETA: Off for my driving lesson at 11.30 today lol


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Apr 16, 2000
I'd have phoned neighbours with various trailers and tractors and they would turn out. That's the beauty of this place, everyone has livestock of some kind and will turn out and round up things......but for the grace of God and all that.......

DO you have a Horsewatch, or Market Watch group co-ordinator who are understanding?

I have heard tales of the police washing their hands of horse related problems due to the officers H&S and not having had the approproate training.........common sense is no longer a useable commodity in this world.

Hmmmm, I would never consider any of my horses, large or small, dangerous to be round had I had a snifter. What would a days' hunting be without a hip flask? ;)
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