Scary Breakdown on the M1


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Oct 8, 2009
I've just got home and really want to praise the AA today!!

I drive from Derbyshire to Northampton every day due to an unfortunate secondment.

I was halfway home tonight just coming up to junction 21A in the fourth lane going about 60mph due to traffic when my car suddenly went sluggish, started to pull hard to the left and I could hear that rumbling sound of a flat tyre.

I was surprisingly calm and put my hazards on and took my foot of the accelerator. BUT no one would let me get across I managed to get to the 3rd lane and in the end, as my car had nearly stopped, just had to force my way over.

I then found myself underneath the footbridge at Leicester forest east services with NO hard shoulder and massive lorries trying to squeeze by me. My only option was to limp the car to the service exit and across on to the hard shoulder.

It seemed to take ages and I was really on the rim of the wheel all cars and lorries just didn't seem to care.

Anyway the AA came in 10 minutes and I was back on the road within another 10. Really good.

I've used them before when my brakes suddenly failed and the guy was really nice and towed me to my local garage and was really reassuring as I was obviously a bit shocked and upset at finding myself coming up to a junction with no brakes.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
The AA are fantastic! Ironically I broke down with a flat tyre on my Landy - right outside a tyre place (that was SHUT!!!). Rang the AA and they came and were fab, had it done and dusted for me - (I had no locking wheel nut or tyre jack). They are great and do a fab job, they're people are so good when you are on your own.


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Apr 5, 2002
South Yorkshire
I know that part of the M1 too very fast traffic with not much room!

thankfully *touch wood* all I've had to call my breakdown services for is a flat battery whilst at home.

I managed to pick up a big bolt in a rear tyre the other week, thankfully OH was with me who runs a garage so I was in good hands!


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Nov 14, 2009
Poor you, what a nightmare. I can't believe no-one would let you across when you obviously had problems. :( What has to happen to someone nowadays for people to show some consideration? I'd better stop now before I go into full grumpy old woman mode!

Glad you made it across safely, and had a lovely AA man come to help. There's nothing like a nice man coming to your aid to make you feel better; there don't seem to be too many shining knights in armour around, you have to pay for one these days.


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Oct 8, 2009
Thanks guys! I think all the other cars might not have realised (sometimes you don't realise until you're right on top of the problem) no one beeped at me when I barged my way across so they must have seen the tyre hanging off/hazards.

Car is having a service and new wheel today courtesy of my boyfriend at his garage (very handy having someone that knows about cars and can fix them).
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