scary bins, now loves them?


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Porsha used to spook and skittle past the wheelie bins that are put out on bin day on the yard and the ones near to the yo home,

So to despook her a while ago i led her to the bins and stroked them so she could see they was not going to bite my arm off :p

And since then when we are coming going from the field,and we are walking past the bins, she edges her way to the wheelie bins and nuzzles and sniffs them:rolleyes: eeewwwww!!!

After a few times of this i now obviously just ask her to walk on past them without having to say hello, as once backed if iam out riding her on a bin day we cant be nuzzling every single bin :D

Does you horse do anything simular to this:confused:

:) it is quite cute though, ha ha!


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May 27, 2008
Bonny Scotland
Nah....we still at the scary killer bins gonna bite my head off stage! But he is only 14months old......was thinking of pulling all our bins (and any I can "borrow" without being arrested for theft!) into the yard and then feeding him near them or making a (wide!) corridor into his stable and since he is a real foodie and probably going to be dead keen to get into stable for his grub then hopefully he will get to the lovely bins, give'em a kiss stage....please god....!!!


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Maybe let him watch you fill his feed bowl and then place it in front of the bin, iam sure he will rush to it!

Or maybe lay loads of carrot on top of the lid, or get someone to pull the bin, and lead him behind it, so it is his leader!!!

Hahaha, Wheelie bins do you feel the luurrrveee, im going to have to take a pic of her smooching it! :D


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May 27, 2008
Bonny Scotland
God...please do. Need to see smooching of wheelie bin......soooo cute.
Mine doesn't mind a big barrel being rolled around in front of him....but wheelie bins......hah!!

That so funny....him seeing wheelie bin as his leader....."take me to your leader"

(oh dear think I need to go and do something productive, been on here too long and brain gone to mush.)

Carrots on top a great idea......he not scared pof walking on tarp.....maybe tarp wrapped wheelie bins is way to go!!

Wee monkey....think he is winding me up.....
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