rub marks? old injury?... ?



Im about to clip Tally - proabaly hunter, or full - or a combo of both:rolleyes:

When I got her about 6 weeks ago she had loads of scars, scabs and superficial cuts. They have all healed now, and hair is coming back over all the scars. However, on either side of her withers she has a bald area. I thought in the beginning they were scars like all her others, but its the only place that hasnt had any new hair growth:confused: The skin is quite scaly and flaky/dry - have tried a few different creams and the vet saw it and was so unconcerned he didnt even comment:rolleyes: Its strange that its on either side of her withers so I wondered if it could be an old 'rub' mark from a rug - or driving collar?

Any thoughts? would it be bad to clip these areas?
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A pinching saddle perhaps???


hmmm - i thought they were too far forward for that? but your idea made me go and look at pics from 6 weeks ago when i first got her and these have made realise that actually, it is looking better i think.In these pics you can see wher I have put sudocrem on one side, and in the next pic you can see the similar area but on the other side of her neck - shining through pink from under her mane. the dealer I got her from did say, he wouldnt be surprised if she'd been broken to drive.




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Oct 21, 2002
Thats where vol has his photosensitivity but doesn't look the same - any closer shots?


Thats where vol has his photosensitivity but doesn't look the same - any closer shots?

that crossed my mind when I read about vol. i havent got any closer pics im afraid - and those were 6 weeks ago. Now, you have to part the hair to see it, but its just dry, scaly&flaky. Its never been scabby, or actually bleeding, and ive never seen her act like its itchy. I showed the vet last monday when he came to do her vacs, and he just dismissed it.
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