Roxy & Tally - update - **pic**



When I arrived this morning it was a sheer delight to have a small, hairy bundle of fun spot me from the other side of the field and come cantering across! Tally , bless her, always glowers at me from a distance, and only comes if I have a bucket, even then she pulls faces:rolleyes: Anyway, Roxy bless her, in her enthusiasm, went straight through - instead of round - a thick patch of bushes/weeds and arrived infront of me wearing a necklace:eek::D She wasnt in the least bit fazed and I kept thinking that if Tally had done that she'd have totally freeaked herself out. Anyway, so friendly she is I had to push her away to get a pic.... you can see my hand in the pic, lol! I didnt get the headcollar on fast enought for Roxy's liking so she grabbed t in her mouth and pulled at it hopefully! She came into the stables no bother and I put her in Tally's box where apart from taking down all my nice banks she stood like a wee angel:) Went back out to get Mrs Grumpy, who caught with a bucket, walked in really calmly and then got the shock of her life to see Roxy in her stable! The look on her face was priceless! I tied her up outside the stable so they could see and speak to each other and Tally was SO much calmer. She stood beautifully, even nodding off as i groomed and tacked up. neither her or Roxy made a fuss as I took Tally away into the school. Total sucess:D Here's a pic -


Your Roxy is a baby version of my Roxy:D

thats SO cute!!!
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:eek: Yipes - i didnt know she'd get THAT big!! :p;)

.... your Roxy is a stunner:D


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Oct 19, 2007
That great - hopefully Tally will learn from her and become easier to catch!:)
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