RIP Ziggy


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Apr 25, 2003

My Burmese blue was pts today, very sudden. He had his teeth out in May, and we hoped that would perk him up, but he lost more weight recently, has been vomiting, and incontinent.

Today they found a big growth, probably inoperable. If he hadn't been so thin, had hyper thyroid and a heart murmur, I might have had a go at trying to fix it, but the prognosis wasn't great.

We brought him home, with the idea of having a day's coddling and cuddling, then have him pts tomorrow, but he wouldn't settle and was clearly not happy, so we took him back late afternoon and he is now gone.

Didn't really think I was going to be doing this today!


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Apr 25, 2003
we are down to 6 now.....

we now have 2 old tabbies, both frail, so probably going to go in the next year - one is incontinent.

Mr Fluffy the cream Persian, partner to Scarlet who we lost recently

then we have 3 youngsters, well 5 years plus but not ancient.

I am still a bit shocked, he is much younger than the two old tabbies, and Stripey 1 has been on death list for at least 3 years but is still with us.

Kis Vihar

Nutty Saddlers !
RIP Ziggy, beautiful cat.

We lost one of ours, Hissi, suddenly a few weeks ago - started losing weight, had him to the vet for teeth checking and check up, vet said teeth weren't a huge concern but he thought he might be in kidney failure or have a kidney tumour. (No scanning facilities here!) Gave him various injections/treatment...2 days later he looked like a skeleton and started having fits and he collapsed unconscious and had to be PTS. :( It was so sudden.)

I really feel for you. Kx


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Apr 25, 2003
according to his paperwork, he was only 9 but I suspect older. In the last year, he began to really age, we had a major MOT on him in May and thought the teeth being done would sort him out, he had bloods run then and nothing, and they would have checked his tummy at that time, so the tumour has come up between May and October.

Yesterday his tummy was really round and bloated, and when we brought him home, he couldn't get comfy, so it must have been pressing on his organs, so while we wanted to give him a nice last day and then do it, clearly no point in waiting as he was miserable.

We got him in 2006, he was abandoned when a breeder moved on and left him behind, he lived rough for six months then a friend who ran a cattery and did a bit of private rescue, got him in, and we took him on. He was supposed to be a british blue, but was in fact at Burmese blue, very different sort of cat - wouldn't have had him if I had known that...

So if he was only 9 it is dreadfully sad, as most of our cats reach 16-22 ish we don't usually lose a young one.


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Apr 25, 2003
just buried him as waiting for the ground to thaw out

he is next to Scarlet who bossed him around in life, so hopefully she can keep an eye on him.
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