Ridden showing


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Tomorrow we have a show to attend.
I spent the afternoon giving him a bath,doing his tail and attacking his socks so they're less orange and more white :D
We are entering Ridden Horse, Ridden Gelding and ROR.
My friend has very kindly agreed to take us.
Full report tomorrow evening. Right now, I have some serious tack cleaning to do. :D


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Yesterday was a Very long day! Sadly no photos until professional ones come out.
I got to yard at half 7,forgot his girth so had to go all the way back! Plaited him up once i got there. Hosed his stable stains off etc. Loaded no problem. We got there at 1 and they were still in the Inhand!
Finally ridden classes. He was on one! I was nervous. So took him away to warm in. Which went well.
Ridden horse had 6 in i think. He was cutting corners, i was perching and not riding as i should. He saw a old tractor parked within the trees, heard golfers teeing off. I had someone up my bum and was stuck behind a white 14.2 cob. Who she couldnt get into canter. So from a standstill she booted him, this mini horse shot off, which didnt help sox who got worried he would be left and needed to keep up!!! We came 5th. RI was there and said i just needed to be not so nervous. Judge stated ahe loved his walk but was too fizzy.

Ridden gelding i felt he did much much better, listeninh more, more calmer, controlled. But we wasnt placed. RI said he was night and day xompared to the last class.
The last class was ROR he had calmed down i was more confiedent and we won the class!!!

Then the twat wouldnt load for 45 mins!!!
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