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Mar 10, 2004
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Was just having a conversation in the office about Secret Santa's of all things and it got me thinking about this lovely forum and how I have not been on here for a few years now. I recognise lots of names still which is great :D

The last couple of years have more lowlights than highlights I am afraid to say, I managed to break a bone in my spine August 2016 in a fall out hacking. I got back to riding Galaxy (my loan horse since 2010, in my profile pic) the following spring however he then went lame in September 2017 and then sadly retired this June - only 18 years old but various lameness-es on all 4 legs sadly had him retired early. He has gone to live with his owners parents down in Cornwall so I cannot even see him regularly, though I do get regular updates and pictures from my friend's niece and my friend when she visits her family. Devastated is not the word :(

So I feel a little adrift without a horse to look after. It is easy enough to fill the time but somehow I just don't feel like 'me'. I am tentatively about to book some riding lessons but feeling a bit wary of going back into a riding school environment. I am sure I will be fine when I get there but feeling uncharacteristically shy about it. Feeling like a 'New Rider' all over again I suppose which might have subconsciously brought me here. I hope to be able to report back on my first lesson soon, please nag me if you do not see any posts ;)

I hope all the old crew are well, and your neds, and look forward to catching up on what everyone is up to. (Sorry for my first post being so negative nelly and cup of tea if you got this far!).


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May 18, 2009
Hello and welcome back, sorry to hear about your fall and your loan horse :(, looking forward to hearing how you get on :)
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Mar 15, 2008
@clare123 I am not 100% sure, but you might have been my SS once.
Somebody gave me a lovely mug with the cob on it. Whoever that was I still have my morning cup of coffee in it. It has to be four/ five years old now. :D
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