Rescue Training, to help horses


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Jan 27, 2001
I just read an article saying that California started a program to train their fire fighters to help rescue large animals like horses.

A lot of cities are saying "They are reluctant to get involved because they think they don't have the equipment or training"

I was wondering what you think of this statement? Do you think that your rescue team should be able to rescue all animals alike whether it be a tiny dog or a huge horse?

I'm not sure if my city does have the equipement or training, but when it comes to our beloved horses , I would sure hope so.

Apparently the main equipment that you would need to rescue a horse, is equipement they already have according to some.
They rescue horses using the rope system
*Rescue Straps
*Standard fire equipemnt
*Heavey Euipment
*Rescue Glide (That helps rescuers move an animal , like they would with a person on a back board.)

Just would like to hear your thouhts on the issue and if you know if your fire deparment is trianed in resucing horses?

And bravo to Calforina's Rescue team for adding it to their training!:)


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Feb 27, 2002
I know the GA Dept of Agriculture has (free!) courses every so often on large animal rescue, and I would guess also small animal, but I don't know for sure. I found the large animal rescue course info in an issue of the newletter put out by the GA Equine Rescue League. Other states might do this also.

I didn't make it to the course (sadly), but I did read a review of it in a later issue of the newsletter. One of the interesting things that I remember is that if your trailer overturns and it can be righted, you should leave the horse inside while you right it, THEN get them out. I'm hoping I'll be able to attend a course like this someday--and NEVER have to use what I learn :)

The vet was saying Thursday that an equine sling can be rigged up with firehose, because it's wide enough to support their weight without cutting or chafing.
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