Rain Scald.



I had a lesson today and my trainer says Rosie has a little rain scald on her back, just behind the saddle. I can't put rugs on her as she eats rugs for breakfast, but she is stabled most of the time until February now anyway.I think she was out quite a lot when she went away to be schooled though.What exactly is rain scald and what do I do about it? Anything?? It is imperative that she's hacked out now as much as possible, to reinforce her schooling, and the weather is somewhat unpredictable isn't it? Would one of these waterproof fluorescent sheets you see on the market be sufficient protection for her when we get down pours??Anyone any advice??


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Apr 16, 2000
Rain scald is a minor infection of the skin due to the damp weather. It loves wet and warmth. If, as you say, she is going to be stabled from now on, it will probably dry up and scab over, eventually the scabs will fall off. It's a bit like mud fever.

As long as there are no sores under the saddle she will be fine. If you have a rain sheet to keep the majority of the wet off when riding that will help. But a sweaty horse will make the right conditions for it to live in too. If you're worried use a bit of wound powder on it.

There were some posts earlier with some rain scald recipes on it. Can remember what they were titled though.
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