Quick visit to Scotland


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
Just flown up to visit my guys in Lossiemouth first time this far north. OMG stunning my neck hurts from starring out the window.

Wish i has more time to explore

And you have the right to roam as well

If only there were positions here for my rank and trade
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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
It's meant to be lovely there. I had family living in the Western Isles and they used to go there lots. You would enjoy a visit to the Orkneys too no doubt.:)


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Dec 16, 2004
Morayshire is stunning. My in laws live down the road near the old RAF base at Kinloss. It is a beautiful area to live and work in. Lots of horsey folk too. Lossie is easy driving to a number of local show centres and the Lochore's BE base at Burgie. I was once on an interview panel at Lossie High School and we had to suspend the interview due to the noise of the planes taking off and landing at the base!
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