Question on turning


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Jan 29, 2011
Hi i have a very nice coloured horse and would like to compete as a driving pony,i have done all the ground work with him the long reining and the pulling of tyes ext and hes has taken to it like a duck to water,
we have also put him in a exercise cart with no problem untill we asked him to turn round,i gave him plenty of space to turn he cannot seem cross his legs to turn
he is 7 this year and has been doing ridden showing
could any one give me some advise on turning


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May 20, 2006
Is it possible the shafts or any other part/equipment is banging/digging into him as he turns??

Other than that I don't really know,unless he just doesn't like the feeling of being slightly more restricted by the cart as he's turning.Can you possibly lead him around practicing turns until he get's more confident with it??

Sorry not much help,but I only know a little about driving and were only reasons that came to mind.


Oct 11, 2008
Horses which are used to being ridden, often have to be helped to understand the concept of turning without the ability to bend. Some horses get a bit stiff in the turn, when the inside shaft touches their shoulder/the offside shaft touches their haunch. This may require a person on the ground to help with the shafts, ie, to stand on the outside of the horse's shoulder, and push the shaft toward the horse as he executes the turn. This should give him the confidence to turn without being afraid.

The other thing which hwlps a horse to learn the turn, is to 'hold' the horse on the outside rein, to limit his forward movement, as you ask for the turn with the inside rein. This will encourage him to find a way to turn without walking round in a circle, so he will learn to use his forelegs..


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Jan 29, 2011
thanks for the advise i think i may send him to somone to finnish the job off for me there is only so much you can do on your own
and with the weather being so bad
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