Proud of my horse post


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Feb 16, 2013
Just feeling so happy with Roxy. We went for a lovely moochy hack today, nothing fast, just three or four miles around the bridleways, and it was so chilled and relaxed, looking at butterflies and wildflowers (me, Roxy thought I was insane) and eating hedgerows (Rox.)

Also, we won our class on Sat! We did combined training - Prelim 7 followed by a 60cm jumping class. All I wanted was a clear round, as we hadn't practiced the dressage AT ALL. We got a lovely clear and to my surprise, we scored high enough in the dressage to win the class! Roxy was really relaxed and although we still need to work HARD at our dressage, our jumping has come on - literally - in leaps and bounds. So now my aim is to do a BE70 (not affiliated, just normal ODE) by the end of the year.

Anyway, I've owned Roxy for just over two years now and I am so happy with our partnership. It's been a slow burner but we seem to have the measure of each other - most of the time. She's turned out to be exactly what I wanted when I was looking - a horse who I can do fun moochy stuff with on my own but with enough of an edge to compete (at low levels anyway.) She's taught me so much - and given me so much. I wouldn't be without her and she has a forever home with me.


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Apr 23, 2009
Aw, I'm so pleased that you've found your perfect partner. Congratulations on your win, that's fab!

Love the pic :D At least one of you looks happy!
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