Probably a question for farrier but tools?


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Apr 6, 2021
Yesterday we had a issue with a horse getting his shoes half off, then back in to his sole. Luckily his owner had tools and we kept horse still until she got there and she got shoe off.

Robin had very bad feet for a while and has the same issue. Each time I had to pull shoe back and forward till getting it off and invariably took hoof with it.

He hasn’t done it for years but it made me think I should buy that tool to get shoes off. The sort of pincher type things that lever the shoes off. I have no idea what they are called tho. Where would I get them and what is the name. I don’t want to ask farrier and sound like an idiot 😂


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Jan 6, 2006
You won't sound like an idiot if you ask the farrier, and if you're lucky he may have an old pair that don't have much wear left in for him that he'll sell you cheap (the ones farriers have a far more solid than what you'll get in Robinsons or similar) and also show you how to use. I have a pair that I got from a farrier shop in the village, but I did go in and say I want the nail cutter things 🤣
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Dec 20, 2004
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Yep, get him to show you how to do it properly, and the easy way - farriers just whip the shoe off making it look easy but you may find it easier and less damaging to nip the clenches off first if you can get to them, then there's not much left grabbing onto the foot.
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