Possible loaner update!!


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I had a bit of a partly impulsive part rational moment a few days ago. In that i put sox up for part loan 2 days per week. As sometime with me working mad hours i struggle to ride. So! I did that. I have had someone reply who seems very good. She just wants to hack and school. She has loaned ex racers before,my friends actually and she spoke very highly of her. Also she works at a kennels where one of the liveries takes there dog and again the livery spole very highly of sox to her and the possible loaner to me.

It all sounds very good so far!!! She is coming tuesday 3pm to try him so fingers crossed she will like him and sox get on with her.


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Well the woman i saw today was lovely. She helped brushed him. Understood and accepted his little issues. Rode him in the school. We only walked and trotted as it was so hot then took him up the lane to cool off. She was so relaxed she rode him buckle end part way home. We went passed a cycle,sox didnt care but she still patted him. Helped me hose him off too. Yo really liked her too. Sox seemed too aswell which was good. She didnt appear to pull on his mouth or anything.
A month trial starts next monday!!!
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