Pony turning bit around twisting bridle



I have had pony for 7 years in straight bar with curve and snaffle. Dentist said snaffle wasnt comfortable so gone back to straight bar.

There is no problem but I am just inquisitive, he always turns the bit round/over in his mouth so the curve is at the back and the cheek pieces twist. He has bit rubbers so the bridle buckels dont scratch him.

Does anyone elses horse/pony do this?


sheer bliss, I will get some when the snow it gone, cant get there atm, yard owner doing them.

Dentist checked height, size etc, so it is sitting in the right place. He often grabs grass as we go along, and maybe swallowing it is turning it over. But he often has turned it before we even get out the stable.

He seems happy doing it and chews reins, rugs, ropes everything, so he may just be playing with it too much.


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Jun 28, 2007
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I've already seen the use of a pelham rounding (or equivalent) tied under the bit (so it hangs). It prevents the rings "flipping" inside out and hence turning the bit in the mouth.
Be careful though, you need to put your reins behind the rounding so you can take up contact and the rounding stays underneath.

Maybe a flash noseband might prevent your horse doing it too ?


it only has a normal small ring on the side, but I did consider a straight bar with cheek pieces because I put rubber bit rings on to stop it pulling through his mouth when he is being naughty.

I think you can get them in plastic or rubber though. It just seems such an ominous bit a tack and I like to keep things simple.

I will try the pelham rounding underneath. I could take the rubber bit rings off then.

Cant use a flash he goes mental because when I got him he was in one that was far too tight cutting into his nerve under the chin. I dont even use a noseband now or browband. But he does have his parelli headcollar on underneath with the 12' rope attached and tied round neck.


to be honest you do need to put a noseband on to hold his mouth shut a little because him being able to move the bit is him mouth certainly will turn it over.
a normal cavason band will do you dont need to have it extremly tight enough so you can get two fingers between him and the band


I will leave him the way he is , no problems with riding, just wondered if anyone elses did this and why? I dont want to hold his mouth shut I feel that is unnatural is he doesnt have any problems.


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Dec 27, 2008
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If roundings are too bulky you could try a lip strap instead. One of it's uses on a pelham or weymouth is to stop them flipping forwards so should work on a snaffle ring too.


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Jan 15, 2009
orin used to do this with his john whitaker bridle as the end of the cheek pieces had clips on them. he didnt do it with a bridle with normal buckles. does you rbridle have normal buckles?


It is those push into slit connections dont know what it is called.

I think with any strap he can still turn it over and connections would just slide round.

Orin, did you find any difference in riding when yours did it? Mine is still responsive as he does weight aids and voice anyway.
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