Pony prone to falling

Gaited horses don't just produce a gait and you go with it. You need to practice and train and help your horse maintain the gait you want or he is offering. Balance is essential to you and the horse.

I would suggest you find a trainer who knows about this breed of horse and it's abilities. I rode gaited horses for many years (icelandic horses) and with training, everything comes together and you are helping your horse produce his best and he will in return be balanced while looking after you too. You will learn the aids required and position for each gait needed and this in turn helps your horse to offer clear gaits and develop the muscles too.

My gaited horse fell when I asked for canter and it was totally my fault. I didn't collect him and set him up properly in a balanced way to transition to canter. He did his best when I gave him the aids, and fell forward, I went over his neck and severely hurt my back. I don't blame him. I blame myself for my lack of experience and knowledge. Gaited horses are not automatically gaited. Get an instructor to show you how to help your horse.
Thanks for this. I did wonder how they learnt their paces.
I have never ridden anything gaited, but would love to. I find it so interesting that there are other paces beyond the basic walk trot and canter
Hi everyone! Thought I would give an update on my pony.
The vet/physio didn't find anything except some sore spots on his right shoulder and hip from where he hit the ground when he fell. She did, however, comment on his general lack of muscle tone, especially around his hindquarters/pelvis.
He had almost three weeks' rest and had several physio sessions with her, and for the past few days I've been riding him again. Vet has suggested lots of long and low, and walking over poles so that's what we're doing :) I haven't tried cantering him yet (it's rainy season so the ground's muddy, and I don't want to tempt fate and risk another fall) but I'm not in a rush - I will happily potter around at walk and trot for a few weeks/months if necessary.
Thanks to all for the suggestions of exercises to try with him to improve his balance - will definitely be trying some of those.