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Calypso & Champagne
Sep 26, 1999
Kansas USA
Does anyone know of any photo shows that are located in the US? If not, I was debating organizing one. If I did, would people on this message board enter? It would probably be $1 per photo, profits donated to local humane society. Winners would get ribbons, maybe small prizes. Please suggest classes, such as field shots, best purebred, etc. I am looking for any type of feedback here, positive or negative.



New Member
Aug 10, 1999
Cambridge, MA USA
yeah, i'm all for it! are you thinking web-based, or actual prints that are sent in somewhere? and what are you thinking in terms of judging? i'm not really sure how horse-specific photo contests go (other than seeing them in magazines and such), but i'm actually a photographer, so i'd be interested in helping out, participating, whatever. :)



Calypso & Champagne
Sep 26, 1999
Kansas USA
Cynthia &HL2- I have entered a couple of photo shows based in the UK, but was hoping to find some in America. Basically, I mailed in my photos with the classes I wanted to enter them in, and the money, and a couple of weeks later I got my photos back and the prizes I had won. Judging would be based partly on the apearance of the horse, partly on the actual quality of the photo (background, lighting, etc.) They would be judged by either myself or some of my horsey friends, always by someone who didn't know any of the entrants.

The only contests I have seen here are in Horses USA magazine, and those are only once a year, and I was hoping for something with a smaller number of entries. If I do decide to do this, I am going to see if I can get some local tack stores to donate prizes or something. Probably ribbons to top 3-4 places, and a prize for first place. Points also- 4 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, etc., and then have a points champion who also gets a prize.

Classes I have thought of so far are:

Best Head Shot

Best Field Shot

Best Purebred

Best Partbred

Best Spotted

Best person/horse combo

Best seasonal (x-mas, halloween, etc.)

Best English Ridden

Best Western Ridden

Anyways, hopefully I will find some more people who are interested, so far I have only heard from you 2 here, and 2 more at equiworld.



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Sep 24, 1999
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I would be interested. Keep me posted please.
Although I am not a photographer, I am a landscape designer and have a decent "eye". As a hobby, I have started taking photos around the barn:horses, cats, goats, actually anything that will keep me out there with the animals when I can't ride. I am new to the computer and really don't know how to upload photos to a site, but I do have a scanner and a digital camera. I just have to learn to use them! Good luck. Can't wait to enter.


New Member
May 7, 1999
Toronto, Ont
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Allie. Count me in. Sounds like a cool idea. As a new rider I only part board and have "practice" not "show" clothing but I am sure I can find a category for novices. I think it would be really fun though, to have all the ribbon winner's photos up on the web. It would be great to see our New Rider penpals in action! Karin
ps I wouldn't worry so much about the responses to your post. I'm sure if you ran the contest people will be happy to participate.


New Member
Dec 7, 1999
Pennsville, NJ USA
Of course we'd participate!! Especially my sis the photographer!!! How about best colored? best action? best jumper? best shower? best pet? Best horse that looks like a dog? haha. Good luck.
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