Please can anyone help?


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Mar 12, 2009
Hi All

Dont know if anyone could offer advice. I have had my new dales ponies shoes off, this was about a week ago. Now he has alot of broken pieces at the bottom of his hooves and seems so ginger when i walk him on the yard, especially the stoney bits. He trots and walks fine in the field but i took him for a walk in hand on sunday and he looked so foot sore after it. Shall i carry on? he rides fine in the field and lunges fine too. His hooves look a mess bless him.

Thanks in advance



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Jan 19, 2009
His hooves need to condition if he has just come out of shoes. The bits of the foot that are now in contact with the ground arent used to it, thats all.
Getting the sugar out of his diet goes along way to making a sound barefoot.
It may take a little while.

Get your trimmer to mustang roll the wall and this will eliminated chipping. Chipping is the foots natural way of shortening itself - nothing to worry about just looks messy !!

Is your trimmer due soon ?


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Mar 12, 2009
My farrier only came a week ago, he is not due for ages. Have tried to call as he did say if i needed him just call but it is a nightmare getting hold of him.

Will give it a week and then try to get hold of him again. As far as sugar Ozzy is out 24/7 but in a bitten down paddock with another horse. I just give him a bit of chaff with some garlic and low cal balancer in it.
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