Plan next year, horse training yard, can i help?


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Mar 16, 2005
Is this possible?

I am planning to send my horse to a training yard near my home.
I found one near me but havent visit or ring them yet, still looking around, keep options open.

What I would love to do - I be off work one month in August next year and I was thinking could I help out with my horse's training at the yard.

Would they allow it?
How long does training take?

Then when I go back to work, help out in evening, weekend and free time.

I really want to be involve in my boy's training and see how we get on.

I was planning to sell him cos he is huge but now i want to keep him for as long as possible and see how we get on.
Even loan him to a suitable rider until I know its really time to sell and move on for whatever reasons.


Some yards/trainers are very keen for the owner to be involved in the training!

The length of training depends on the horse, some take to it well others need longer to adjust!

It might be good for you to have lessons with the trainer you decide so that you can learn how to ride your horse (if that makes sense)

My friends youngster went away for about a month, but he had done absolutely nothing when she sent him to be backed (he was four at the time and had only had a head collar on), the trainer had my friend up there a few times and taught her how she had trained him to lunge and long-line etc and now my other friend has lessons on him with the same trainer

I intend to send my youngster away for some schooling early next year, but will let them do everything (think it will do her some good), but go for some lessons towards the end of her stay and then have lessons with that person afterwards!


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Mar 16, 2005
Thank you so much for your reply.

This is brilliant just what I have in mind.
I also like to be his first rider cos i have him since newborn i think its natural to want to be able to do that.
I especially like the idea of me being trained how to keep up the training for when he come back home and then ask trainer to come to my place for refresher training for both of us.

Im really looking forward to this, hope it work out. Plenty of time to do basic training with him from now until summer. :D


Your welcome!

I would start looking around for yards/trainers now, and talk to them about what you want to achieve etc and see how they respond, you will know which one is best for you!
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